Busy Busy, gimme a break

Today is May 5,2004

I have too many plates spinning today.

In Between

the dentist appointments for all the children


the work I am trying to complete


the world issues I want to solve


the shameless self promotion I need

to continue


my Ebay auction site being back up and running


I need to take a shower too.

So this will be short and sweet

I need a clone.

I need two more hands attached

some where


I need some one to buy something

from me today.

I need a new spine

mine is killing me.

I need roller skate feet.

Go see my Ebay stuff

and buy something.

That was a secret




to your wallet.

Write to me,

Have you ever been too busy

for your own life?

Do you ever feel

sucked in

strung out


I feel like a floater today

I think it will take at least one more cup of coffee to

bring me around.

I do have a quote for you today…

Here it goes:

“The best way to make a fire with two sticks is to make sure

one of them is a match.”

~ Will Rogers

Energy Quotes

I’m off to make fire!

What are you doing today?

Just today, Just Imagine.

Growing in Truth,


Don't be shy!