Big Nothing

Today is May 19, 2004

I find that I can only do one thing well at a time.

I can paint or I can write

But I can’t do both at the same time.

So I have been painting like a mad woman

And unable to write.

This will be short as I can think of nothing witty

Or charming to say.

My head is full of painting,

Even right now as I write this


I am thinking of my next canvas sitting in the studio

I can hear it calling to me

It says “ I’m all white fix me!”

I really have been doing pretty well the past three days.

My mouth has healed up pretty

Good from the surgery I had last week

I’ll have another round of surgery

In another week,


I have to have a bunch of stuff done

In order to save my teeth.

I have some strange growths in there

And it’s such a bummer.

My teeth are all in good shape, its not that they have rotted

Out or anything, I just have these strange growths

That show up in different places

At different times, and hurt like hell

And are usually not cancer and they have to be removed.

Whatever… we all have our burdens, this is one of mine.

I used to get really freaked out when something like this would happen

But now I just get done what needs to be done

And try not to think about it too much.

The biggest thing to overcome is the


There is a lot of that.

This last time there were days when I didn’t want to even get up

Out of bed, but I did.

So overcoming pain is hard and I hate it

But I am a trooper

So I do it.

Other than that, we have been just cruising along, and I have been trying to recover and get back to the easel or furniture.

I have two paintings that I am really proud of right now,

They are posted on the appropriate pages within the site.

I also decided that I would start the Ebay machine

With a .99 cent opening bid all my posts there

This week.

I have four $1.00 bid so far.

I hope it gets better than that, but if not I’ll be happy to have sold something again, even if it is only for a buck.

I know they will be happy with their dollar art.

I also sold Moon and Fog

To a super nice lady in California.

She wrote to me and we haggled on the price

For the painting. It was great!

She got a deal, and I sold a painting.

Win-win. You gotta love that.

I can’t wait to hear from her when she gets the painting

I hope she likes it.

My kids are all well.

Mate Man is well.

So I guess that’s all for today.

I’ll try to write something more exciting than this soon.

I should run out of painting steam soon

And then it will be back to the world of words.

To my fans out there I apologize,

I have been a bad, bad blogger

Of late.

At least I’m painting and not whining about not being able to do that!

Love to you all.


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