Sex Fest 2004 and the rest of the weekend

Today is May 3, 2004

Today I Have spent too much Farking

time on this web site.

I have been rebuilding my new page

(not this one)

because it crashed over the weekend.

I am such a genius

I had to make it harder

(than the first time I spent 4 hours building a page)

and try to improve this one while I was at it.

So, to your right

(insert Vanna here)

you will see some of the blogs

I am currently addicted to.

You will be too

I am sure of it.

My weekend

went so


that I have nothing charming to say.

My mate and I spent as much time together

and as naked as possible

(that was the best part)

and the kids all had their own things

going on.

Thanks Universe!

I needed that break, it’s been weeks since I could


Today I am trying to finish the table

that is on the

works in progress page

I changed it again…

This is My Third attempt at the top

I want to kick it.

It’s Mocking me from the studio

I can hear it giggling at me when I walk by.

I say “you talkin to me?”

real threating like and it just sits

there, damn table.

I also decide to start making

floor cloths again

I’ll be working on the first

in my new line of

Slobber Mats

for all our pets.

And Under the Trash Can Mats

for our homes.

I love making these

little rugs

I will probably do some place mats

and such for the outdoor

weather we are having of late.

Look for those in

“Other Art”.

Other than that

today is the last of a

string of pretty days here in puddle town.

I intend to get out in it before it

fizzles out.

I will try to remember to take pictures of my work today

and then remember to sit down and futz with them

and upload them

all for you guys

(Gosh) I love you Man.

No really, just because some of you have asked for

more current pictures…so

I’ll get on that asap.

(watch me now)

Would you all My Wonderful Regulars mind

letting me know how this new page is looking

to you?

Do you like it better?

Tell me you Love me…

Oh Oops!

I lost my train of thought again…La LA LA…

It was a Very Nice Weekend!

Later All,


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