Notes To A New Moon:

“God is dead.”

~ Friedrich Nietzsche, 19th century German philosopher

Nietzsche liked to say that he delivered his philosophy “with a hammer” and

was certainly looking for an immediate response from his

“God is dead!” statement.

Now to this whole death of God business!

Nietzsche’s philosophy paints the portrait of his ideal man: the “Overman”:

an individual who, through self-discipline and his “will to power” has overcome

his social conditioning and is, in Nietzsche’s words, “beyond good and evil”

and no longer needs God (or anyone else for that matter) to tell him what is


Hence, the Overman lives.

God is dead.

~Brian Johnson


Today is April 30, 2004.

I wonder what George Bush would have to say about this quote?

(This left over question still stands today.)

I watched Frontline last night about the “Jesus factor” in the presidents’ politics.

I guess that his religious beliefs must in line with his God, the God of fire, destruction, lies

and chaos.

Another fine example of why I am not going to connect myself with anything that even

remotly resembles any of that.

I don’t believe in a God.

I believe that I am God.

A God.

In the flesh, you are too.

Take your finger off of the panic button.

There will be a Quiz later.

We all are, some fight for good others evil…its all pretty simple.

All you need is some magical powers.

(All of the most fashionable and popular gods have name brand ones…don’t you know)

I got mine at a discount place, but they work pretty well anyway.

You don’t need name brand magic…

The generics can work just as well, in the right hands.

I pray everyday (to myself I guess) that we will get rid of Bush.

I am afraid of what we will get next though.

I’d rather have a sex addict for a president than a murdering, rich, white daddy’s boy.

Make him a “born again” white guy and now we can all die poor and happy, and

appropriately under his thumb.

But he doesn’t drink anymore, so it’s all good.

Here in America it seems we only like sober power drunk leaders.

OK, I’m purged of the evil Bush, for now.

If you ever do just one thing in your future life to make your home a better

place, make it voting

and talking about things with your friends

and neighbors and family (if you can take that) don’t ignore whats happening, the future

is no place to put your better days. (Thanks Mr. Matthews)

Act Now, while you still can

(Announcers Voice)

Now dismounting with a double flip off of the Soap Box, it’s super gyrl!

(The French judge gave her a 10 and a spank on the bottom 🙂

I just offered to paint a table for the local

Beat ( I think they should add the word the here)Bush campaign…

I told them I would donate it, but they would have to use it in the office, I’ll paint

something rich with colors…and satire. I’ll go double barrel..rebel with a cause.

It’ll be great…I’ll post it when it’s done, if they accept my offer.

I hope they do, I really want an excuse to paint something like that.

(imagine squiggly lines here)

Yesterday, my oldest had a big old zit on the back of his neck.

He came to me so I could look at it.

So, (of course and without a real warning) I squeezed the crap out of it.

He ran away, screaming non-nice things at his loving Mother.

My five year old followed him into the bathroom, and gravely informed him

“Oh, we forgot to tell you, If you have a zit, don’t go to Mom, she always squeezes too

hard and it hurts, go see Dad.” The oldest just said “thanks man” real serious like.

Just two brothers 10 years apart in age, knowing the truth of their repressed Mothers

need to Squeeze the living shit out of something.

OCD on the zit popping…I just can’t get any fun around here.

I about peed myself giggling.

They don’t know I heard them. It’s great.

Yesterday, I spent the day, cooking and doing laundry. The two great highlights of

my life…not.

All though, because I only cook a few days out of every month (I have cooking days

and make two weeks worth of breakfast, supper and dinner items and freeze them) it can

be a fun day.

I made 5 separate batches of muffins, cakes, and brownies.

The boys had a frosting and decorating party after school.

A huge bunch of Bean and Barley (with chicken this time) stew.

Grilled Chicken with red mashed potatoes and green and yellow beans.

Hamburgers and fries with corn on the cob, and chicken burgers too.

Twice baked potatoes in two flavors, broccoli and chili.

And some other stuff too.

The men in this house (4 of them)

all hide their favorite meals from each other

and make a big deal about their food.

It’s very flattering.

I enjoy the praise.

If I were cat I’d Purr.

You just don’t get the same kinds gratitude for lets say, laundry or house cleaning.

My family thinks its a pain when I clean, because I expect praise for a job well done…

Hey Now!

I give it to them…why not, it’s that or they can throw money…I’m not all that picky.

I will be painting today, after some errand running this morning.

A really nice guy from my freecycle group is dropping of a used computer for my kids

(free) later today; they will be so excited about that tonight.

I love freecycle, you should check out if there is one in your neck of the woods.

In my part of the world I am known as “the ” freecycle artist because, I joined early in the

life of the group and because I am always asking for broken doorknobs and toys and


They all get a kick out of finding “garbage” for me to use, it’s a great thing…look into it.

I am feeling like singing today, so I’ll put on some Annie (Lenox) and maybe the

soundtrack from the end of the world and even cowgirls get the blues.

I’m making Italian polenta chicken for dinner (my mates and my oldest favorite, it takes 8

hours to cook).

And I’ll be thinking of you out there, if there is any one out there.

Wondering what you are thinking about today,

worrying about today, being happy about today.

I am thinking that it’s good to be


God Of Me.

Sol is shinning, and my feet are tapping

and I wonder what it is that will happen today.

Tell me about yourself.

Come on Man (or Beast)…Do it now!

God has spoken…

Poop… Nobody ever listens to me.

Just Today, Just Imagine.

Growing In Truth,


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