“The great epochs of our life come when we gain the courage to rechristen our evil as

what is best in us.”

~ Friedrich Nietzsche, 19th century German philosopher


Today is April 28, 2004.

I wonder what George Bush would have to say about this quote?

Hi folks, its just me your mad monkey sex kitten, all tarted up for you after a hard day in

the salt mines.

I am sitting here, in my paint-crusted clothing

After a marathon of clothes folding, dinner making, children washing, kitchen cleaning,

evening of fun with the boyz. What more could a gyrl ask for?

Well let’s not go down that road tonight…I have to tell you, I have been looking forward to

getting a moment to write today, but I don’t have a clue as to why.

I dimly remember something this morning at 7:00ish (thanks honey!) through the fog of

coffee and breakfast, forgotten homework, MIA shoes and lost library books.

I can’t for the life of me remember what it was now.

I had this quote picked out though, and I guess

I have been working on re-birthing myself…I wouldn’t call it a christening.

I have been baptized and christened by several of your more popular religions and this

isn’t that.

This is not something I think about every once in awhile, I’m forcing myself to live it, every

freaking second of it baby.

I’m might be a little tense and tired…I don’t know what do you think?

Today was good; I accomplished tons of stuff, but not all of it.

Well, I got to have enough for tomorrow.

Idle hands…you know the rest.

Pig and a Poke, I have been craving a cigarette for the last three days.

I have been quit of the tasty brown leaf for 9 months. I even managed to loose weight

while doing it.

It still sucks to be a non-smoker, sometimes.

Most of the time it rocks, and I don’t have to stink or die.

(Yet) Well, isn’t that something…huh?

I don’t think re-christening my evil is a good idea.

I mean as far as a human insight, I’m clearly not getting it.

My evil? I mean really, who wants to see that again?

I am from the (well known for it’s intellectual giants) city of Seffner.

Where all your dreams do come true.

I may be pushing my limit here on the humor…slow down gyrl pace yourself.

No, really…

Ahem!…I am not too tired to be serious here, I understand that if we can take a real hard

look, into the dusty back corners, and change what lives there for the better, well…then

you get a spiritual get out of jail card…and you get to move it on up, to the next level.

I can hang with that.

What I am thinking is… That’s what I am doing, by living in the moment…just trying to

change the dusty, smelly parts of me as they surface.

Instead of going and poking around, lifting up booby-trapped doors and looking under

the beds.

When I am presented with an ”educational moment” in my life,

the opportunity to grow, let’s call it, well then, I take it.

Even when it sucks, even when it’s inconvenient, even when I want to run away and

escape, I just stand still.

I let it happen, I try to manage to destruction (if there is any) or chaos with clarity.

What the hell, I don’t want to do that, I want to get plastered and get laid and forget all

about it.

But that wouldn’t get me anywhere (well maybe somewhere:) now would it.

I have done that, and it didn’t work either.

This method seems to be working pretty well for me.

I like looking at the masters of our species (philosophically speaking of course…back

away from the whip…) and trying to understand their gifts of theory and wisdom in my very

modern, godless, world. I get it.

So, tell me…excite a socially starving grrl, what Evil do you need to re-christen?

I propose a toast!

Here’s to the next Great Epoch of our lives!


Just Today, Just Imagine.

Growing In Truth,


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