The Stinky Cheese Award

I have a new Bio.

I like it better than the long, boring one that is on my front page.

I mean what more can I say that has a key word in it?

This one is closer to the “truth” of that which I am.

Here it goes…let me know what you think.

Upper Middle Class White-ish Trash From Seffner Florida.

Self Indulgent, Self Taught, Self Representing Artist/Writer.

Reporter Grrl On The Front Lines Of Ordinary Life.

Research Subject found to be only 12% humorous.

Midol is my drug of choice.

The Talking Heads, Stripper Music, Ska, Shawn Colvin, and Lyle Lovett are what I listen to, most of the time.

My Uniform for life: 501’s, T-Shirts, Black Leather Men’s Coat, and all my Shoes are Black.

An Adventurer Looking For Treasure.

Mother, Mate, Semi-Social Creature of the Deep.

Freak Lover.

I never watch T.V. except for Survivor, The Donald, and Nova.

I read 15 Sci-Fi or science related books a Month.

Not into Star Trek, except for the scenes with klingon sex in them.

Psychic or Psycho depending on how you see things.

Very Spiritual Non Church Goer.

Anti Two Party Political Position, I have a problem with Authority.

Prefer Quality to Quantity.

Hell Raiser Wannabe.

That’s much better… feeling more like myself, its a good thing.

Have a table calling to me in the studio, I was thinking of doing a Japanese design on the top, but I can’t really see that now that the primer is on.

I think it’s going to be a sun and sky thing…. maybe a sun tree, with several moons in the background, or maybe a dog.

I don’t know, I am just going to go paint and see what happens, I’ll post pictures of what I get done today on the work in progress page…that’s always fun to watch me change my mind 40 times…and then not follow the plan anyway. I have picked up some CDs at the library; today I’ll be listening to Toni Childs’ “Union”. And Cat Stevens…I’m feeling mellow, my kids are busy or gone… Wahoo!

Later, H

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